Guaranteeing the quality and longevity of your infrastructures, and depending on your industry (energy, transport, telecommunications, municipal).

A growing service

As part of its exhaustive geo-referenced assets management program, Effigis has been building a solid track record in infrastructure surveys. This involvement has allowed us to collect millions of assets on the territory and stand out as a leader in infrastructure inventory in Eastern Canada.

Protect your assets intelligently

We provide turnkey services that include planning, surveying, quality assurance and management for your projects as dictated by your priorities and needs. Our team of GPS professionals means we can guarantee the quality of the geolocation of your assets with a high degree of confidence. Our quality control and assurance processes help generate very reliable data, considerably shortening the time spent on design and engineering activities.

Opt for reliability and flexibility

Our turnkey service can be tailored to your needs and includes:
  • surveys of infrastructure positions using special GPS equipment tailored to your needs depending on the desired accuracy
  • integration of sophisticated equipment adapted to different types of surveys to combine various observation techniques (cameras, videos, GPS receivers, etc.)
  • optimization of activities using operations on the ground to acquire compiled information at a reasonable cost
  • rigorous quality control based on your needs
  • project monitoring and management accessible in real time by the client via Web map access
  • a professional, specialized, well identified workforce with corporate vehicles.

Services adapted to your industry

Do you work in a company in the telecommunications, transportation, public services, engineering consulting or public administration sector? We have the solution for you. Our infrastructure inventory services are offered in many areas, including:
  • Municipal infrastructures
  • Power transmission grids
  • Telecommunications networks (cable broadcasting, cellular and FTTH networks)
  • Civic address surveys
  • Transportation network surveys

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Claude Levasseur

Vice-President - Geomatics