Mesa2 – GEO / L1 – GNSS Solution

All the functionality of a desktop computer packed into one ultra-rugged tablet

The Mesa2 – GEO is an ultra-rugged Windows 10 Tablet PC with a large 7-inch and bright display. It integrates a state-of-the-art L1 GNSS module that enables productive and accurate GNSS mapping wherever the jobs take you. Mesa 2 device can be used for GNSS Mapping as well as land surveying for centimeter post-processed accuracy.

Your Office, Anywhere

In a sleek package with unmatched ruggedness, the Mesa2 – GEO Tablet can go with you into the harshest environments. Running Windows 10, the Mesa2 brings powerful functionality to your mobile data collection, featuring a large, 7-inch, extra-bright display for easily viewing maps or images, all-day battery power lasting up to 15 hours, an embedded mapping grade L1 GNSS receiver and a camera to snap photos.
With all the functionality of a desktop computer packed into one ultra-tough tablet, the Mesa 2 will truly become your office, anywhere.

Affordable and Accurate GNSS Mapping Solution

The Mesa2 – GEO is more than an ultra-rugged tablet. It is also a mapping grade GPS and GLONASS solution that truly becomes the perfect tool for productive and accurate GNSS Mapping.
The reliability of the Mesa2 – GEO GNSS receiver used along with Effigis’s data collection software and EZSurv® post-processing software can easily deliver from sub-foot to centimeter post-processed accuracy. According to the environment and the base station distance, EZSurv® will deliver the very best out of your GNSS tablet. EZSurv® is the most reliable post-processing software on the market to deliver up-to centimeter accuracy positions using roving single frequency GNSS receivers (OTF L1). With EZSurv® post-processing software, you can count on effortless post-processing.

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