BAP Precision S812A / L1 – GNSS Solution

Small ergonomic and affordable GNSS unit (rugged handheld) for an unmatched tracking capability performance

The BAP Precision S812A is a lightweight, compact and ergonomic GNSS device that integrates a state-of-the-art L1 GPS and GLONASS receiver, one that can be used for productive and accurate GNSS mapping. Used in a Base-Rover pair, the BAP Precision rugged handheld becomes a land surveying system and delivers post-processed centimeter accuracy.

Productive and Accurate Mapping Solution

The BAP Precision S812A unit is a rugged GPS and GLONASS solution that delivers non-stop signal tracking even under dense canopy. The unit is offered with EZTag CETM GNSS/GIS data collection software to geo-locate points, lines and polygons along with their specific attributes.
The BAP Precision unit is compatible with EZSurv® post-processing software to produce remarkable GNSS data quality at the touch of a single key stroke. It can cover most application fields such as industrial, petroleum, chemical, public and safety, utility, asset management, transportation and more.

Affordable Centimeter-Accuracy in Post-Mission

The BAP Precision S812A GNSS solution delivers affordable L1 centimeter accuracy in post-mission. Its typical applications are in the agriculture and marine sectors, where open-sky conditions make such a combination an appealing, productive and affordable solution.
The reliability of the BAP Precision unit used along with Effigis’s EZFieldTM, EZTag CETM data collection or EZSurv® post-processing software can easily deliver centimeter accuracy. With EZSurv, you can count on effortless post-processing. Indeed EZSurv is the most reliable post-processing software currently on the market to deliver centimeter accuracy positions using roving single frequency GNSS receivers (OTF L1).

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