Allegro2 – GEO / L1 – GNSS Solution

Obtain centimeter-accuracy in post-processing

The Allegro2-GEO is a high-end L1-GNSS receiver that enables post-processed centimeter-accuracy in kinematic, semi-kinematic and static mode of operation.

Affordable centimeter-accuracy in post-mission

The Allegro2 – GEO is an ultra-rugged GPS and GLONASS solution that delivers affordable L1 centimeter-accuracy in post-mission. The reliability of the Allegro2 – GEO used along with EZField data collection software and EZSurv post-processing software can easily deliver centimeter accuracy for most applications, where points, lines and polygons have to be surveyed. Typical applications are in the agriculture and marine sectors, where open-sky conditions make such a combination an appealing and affordable solution.

Effortless post-processing for high accuracy with roving L1 receiver

With EZSurv post-processing software, you can achieve high accuracy results at a fraction of the cost of a dual GNSS frequency system. EZSurv is the most reliable post-processing software currently on the market to deliver centimeter accuracy positions using roving single frequency GNSS receivers (OTF L1). With EZSurv post-processing software, you can count on effortless post-processing at a single keystroke.

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