Geospatial Solutions Development

Optimize your business intelligence

Added value

For most companies and organizations, regardless of industry, the geographic location of activities (market, competition, suppliers, resources and physical environment) is a major variable that they must deal with in order to move forward.

Effigis meets this need by developing solutions that add value to business and decision-making processes. These solutions are available to many sectors of activity: climatology, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, energy… The possibilities are endless!

Assisted decision making

Our global vision view, our multidisciplinary resources and our knowledge of the key GIS technologies mean that we can deliver innovative solutions that become valuable decision support tools, regardless of your sector of activity. Our objective is to understand your business processes and respond to your needs.

Choose innovation

We help you optimize your business intelligence using geospatial information:
  • Needs analysis
  • Data quality integration and certification
  • Metadata production
  • Online data distribution (Web GIS)
  • Development and implementation of customized solutions
  • Engineering and integration of complete solutions including electronic equipment
  • Proficiency in key GIS and DBMS technologies
  • Involvement in Open Source technologies

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Claude Levasseur

Vice-President - Geomatics