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Increase your product portfolio and gain access to new revenue streams

Co-branding new software in your product line lets you stand out, acquire a competitive edge and access new markets and revenue streams.

To use this approach successfully, you must be able to count on a reliable business partner and recognized technology… a company that is flexible, understands your needs and is committed to your success.


Stand out with OnPOZ by

Take our cutting-edge post-processing software and call it yours.

Effigis develops innovative GNSS post-processing software, EZSurv, available for you to rebrand. Combining our unique and user-friendly post-processing software with your GIS and RTK product ranges will instantly add value to your product offering and make you highly proactive in your market approach. And since we’re committed to nonstop product innovation, we will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors, while keeping your engineering risk to a minimum and your development costs well under control.

A winning association for GNSS

You offer the most powerful RTK technology to your customers. However, they need a back-up alternative for cases when the RTK infrastructures fail, or when these infrastructures simply do not exist. Moreover, as professional surveyors, they want to be able to QA-control their results. Providing your customers with a cutting-edge post-mission RTK tool, along with your equipment, is a major differentiating factor that guarantees the start-to-finish solution promised to your customers.

A winning association for GIS applications

As the GIS user market grows, users demand more accuracy, effortlessly and at an affordable price. Post-processing specifically fulfills that need.


  • significantly improves single frequency GNSS receiver position accuracy, consistency and reliability;
  • is a key feature when it comes to data integrity;
  • resolves the complex reference system issue by using Earth-based stations known to the user datum. Free or low-cost base stations are now available in most countries.

Post-processing is straightforward and ensures the best possible accuracy for your GIS customers. Providing your customers with a complete solution that includes post-processing allows them to significantly improve their GIS data. And it allows you to deliver a “start-to-finish” solution at a competitive price.

Our expertise at your service

With its 20 years of expertise in developing post-processing software, its R&D team at the forefront of technology and incomparable customer service, Effigis is the business partner you want. As a trustworthy technology supplier of many brands recognized in the industry, we developed enviable expertise in GNSS signal processing for precision positioning. We have established compatibility with most of the GNSS receiver brands available on the market, with a number of GNSS networks world-wide, and with the most commonly used data acquisition software in the industry.

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