Improve the reliability, consistency and integrity of geolocalized data acquisition business process

OnPOZ Precision Positioning Hardware consists of five different GIS tools adapted to your specific needs.

Allegro2 – GEO

The Allegro2-GEO is a high-end L1-GNSS receiver that enables post-processed centimeter-accuracy in kinematic, semi-kinematic and static mode of operation.

Archer2 – GEO

The Archer2 – GEO is an ultra-rugged GNSS solution that offers many benefits such as an extra-bright screen that is easy to view, battery life that lasts long into overtime, GPS and GLONASS technology that performs well in the thickest of tree canopies and an unyielding standard of quality.

BAP Precision S812A

The BAP Precision lightweight handheld unit integrates a state-of-the-art L1 GNSS module that enables productive and accurate GNSS mapping in various environments, from open areas to dense forest canopy.

Mesa2 – GEO

The Mesa2 – GEO is an ultra-rugged Windows 10 Tablet PC that includes a large, extra-bright display and a long battery life to get you through a whole work day. It also integrates an L1 GNSS module that allows productive and accurate GNSS mapping wherever the jobs take you. Mesa 2 becomes your office, anywhere.


The PENTAX RTK is an all-in-one rugged device made up of an antenna, a GNSS L1/L2 receiver, Bluetooth and RTK/RTN modules, producing a cable-free solution for high accuracy needs. Bundled with state-of-the-art surveying applications, PENTAX dual frequency surveying solution is the must-have system.

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