Web Application (v.4)

Mobile and modular monitoring system for the cable distribution network

With its powerful Web application, CPAT FLEX enables broadband network operators to effectively manage their leakage and ingress detection programs and monitor operations remotely and in real time.

Web Application (v. 4)

The CPAT application includes a Web-based geo-information system (GIS), which locates and maps the position of vehicles and leakage and ingress events. Data related to each event is sent to the technicians for repair, using an integrated work ticket application. They can also be relayed to your work force management tool or trouble ticket application, using a custom interface developed to your specifications.

Work order statuses are managed in real time in the CPAT database. Powerful and user-friendly, the CPAT Web application uses Microsoft’s Bing maps, and allows real-time incident handling.

The CPAT FLEX Web application includes the following features:

  • Web-based application with secure access to data
  • View real-time status of events
  • Display data events on Microsoft®
  • Manage user access levels and authorizations
  • Use ticketing application for event repairs
  • Track your vehicles in real-time (with cellular interface module)
  • Identify potential vehicle problems with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II)

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