Portable Digital Leakage Detector/Signal Generator (DRV3 Lite, DSG1 Lite)

The DRV3/DSG1 Lite package ensures total quality for in-house installations by tracking potential cable shielding integrity issues. With its “pressure test” mode using high RF level carriers, we are forcing cable leakage problems to show up and be detected. Performing a pressure test while the fulfillment technician is on the client’s premises provides an effective and unique opportunity to clear up any shielding integrity issues present before they eventually transform into costly service calls.

DRV3 Lite - Portable Digital Leakage Detector

The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band signal leakage detection meter designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks. The DRV3 Lite is your all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter. It can operate in “system modeˮ, detecting leakage carriers produced from the DSG1 signal generator located at the head-end location or operate in “pressure testˮ mode, detecting high-level carriers generated by the DSG1 Lite. Using a single-button, the technician can switch from “systemˮ to “pressureˮ test mode. Using a Bluetooth connection, the DRV3 Lite can also connect to third-party devices such as cellular phones, tablets, etc.

DSG1 Lite - Portable Digital Signal Generator

The DSG1 Lite portable dual-band signal generator inserts a high-level signal in order to perform a “pressure test” from the customer feed.

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