Ingress Detection Solution (ITX1, ITX2, IRX1, RIM)

Mobile and modular monitoring system for cable distribution networks

The only GPS-based ingress monitoring system on the market, CPAT FLEX automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events. Combining state-of-the-art hardware, innovative software and a powerful Web application, CPAT FLEX detects, records and automatically sends ingress events.

Equipped with CPAT FLEX technology, your service vehicles can detect ingress impairments without interrupting your technician’s work routine.

ITX1 – Ingress transmission module

The ITX1 is the mobile component of the CPAT FLEX ingress monitoring system. While the vehicle is being driven, and without requiring any intervention from the technician, the ITX1 transmits a special return path test signal, which enters the network when the vehicle approaches the ingress zone. The ITX1 is typically installed in the operator’s service/maintenance vehicle for increased coverage efficiency.

ITX2 – Portable ingress transmission device

ITX2 is a portable radio transmitter that precisely locates ingress problems. Transmitting a low-power test signal in the upstream cable bandwidth, it can be used as a mobile find-and-fix tool or it can be connected to the ARD4 module to automatically locate ingress problems when driving in the operator’s territory as part of the technician’s daily work routine.

IRX1 – Ingress receiver

The IRX1 is the fixed component of the CPAT FLEX ingress monitoring system. Installed at the headend/hub location, the IRX1 detects the return path test signals transmitted by the ITX1 and ITX2 across the entire network. By analyzing these signals, the IRX1 identifies the origin of capture points on the network. The IRX1 then sends all relevant information to the CPAT Web application that will, in post-processing, precise the geographical location of capture points.

CPAT Mobile Application Suite – Ingress Detection on Your Smart Phone

Real-time ingress monitoring (RIM) is available as a mobile application for iOS and Android. The first module offered is an improved version of the return software for ingress associated with the ITX2.
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