Mobile and modular monitoring system for the cable distribution network – Based on GPS technologies.

CPAT FLEX is a leakage and ingress monitoring solution based on an open-platform, modular and scalable design.  With it, operators can retain the quality of their networks, while enhancing efficiency of maintenance operations.

Each module is independent, so you can develop your own monitoring system based on your requirements. Effigis is already working on creating new modules that will meet the needs of tomorrow’s networks, since technology is constantly changing.



Portable Digital Leakage Detector/Signal Generator

The DRV3/DSG1 Lite package ensures total quality in-house installations by tracking potential cable shielding integrity issues. Request for quote

Leakage Detection Solution

CPAT FLEX has different modules for leakage detection: the brand-new DRV3 for detecting leakages in all-digital networks, and then DRV2 and DRV1.
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Ingress Detection Solution

The CPAT ingress detection solution is comprised of three components and a mobile application: ITX1, ITX2, IRX1 and CPAT’s mobile application (Real-time Ingress Monitor). The solution also includes an antenna for maximum mobility.
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Mobile Control Module

ARD4 is the control centre of the CPAT FLEX system. It manages GPS positioning in real time, as well as the recording of event and wireless communications.
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Web Application (v.4)

With its powerful Web application, CPAT FLEX enables broadband network operators to effectively manage their leakage and ingress control programs and monitor operations remotely and in real time.
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Digital Leakage Detection Module

The DRV4 is a signal leakage detection module designed to operate in all-digital or hybrid cable networks. Combined with the ARD4 (autonomous recording device), it becomes a powerful and fully automated leakage monitoring platform.
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